Saturday, April 11, 2009

Chronicles of a Wayside Hero: Part I

Chapter 1: The Fool in the Free Pool
Year: Unknown. Day: Previous Day.

The sound of a strange voice in a trance…

Neo… Wake up…

It was getting stronger by the second.


A Banshee…

‘Ahhh!!!’ he woke up, breathing heavily. It was just an alarm from his complicated clock that showed the coordinates of the intersection of his latitudinal position with his longitudinal position in the primary panel and the position of the sun in a secondary panel. The time was calculated from the two measurements which were then verified by a tertiary panel.

Machines made simple life much simpler…

He was still tired. He had been fighting for the machine all day. The fight was colossal and yet he’d been doing it day after day. The Hero, they’d call him.

Neo got up knowing it was the same drill today. He’d have to fight for the machine.

Sometimes, With Great Power comes Great Responsibility, and some other times, it is just brutally expected out of a poor Neophyte.

‘What the hell…’ he slouched and went on to finish off his daily routine and then do his job. He walked slowly for he knew he had precious time left to prepare. At least that’s what he thought. He was drunk the previous night. The hangover was predominant and it showed in his face like he had a ton weighing down from his eye bags.

‘Darn…, everyday… am I the only one chosen?’…

Hence the name The Chosen ONE, dud.

…No answers. He knew every day the result would be the same. The battle wasn’t won yet. He was still one from the Pool.

Next stop- Workstation. He had to get there in time because he knew what to expect.

To be continued…