Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Chronicles of a Wayside Hero: Part VII

Chapter 7: The Other Side is always Greener
Year: Unknown. Day: Some days after Previous Day


Yeah finally.

… Neo got his work terminal after a great struggle. He was a hero. Neo went home satisfied after securing a place, for the time being. None knew what happened to Smite as the pool was already flooded.

The next day Neo went off to work and from the office phone called all the people he ever knew and spread the good news about his heroic deeds.

Papra papra pam… papra pammmm…

Slangs like “Macha*! Mapla*! I got a project da!” was heard.

The Language Expert.

And to add to the good news, Neo was already put into a project. So he arranged a party for his friends and boozed the whole night off. The next day, a major hangover. Trying to shake it off, Neo reported to work and sat on his comfy chair expecting a peaceful day ahead.

Neo's Booze party and the drunken Dance

Sitting idle for some time, Neo slowly felt his eyes droopy. The telephone on the table began ringing.


“Is it Neo?” said a lady in a slow voice.

“Yes it is. How may I help you?” Neo sounded courteous.

“I’m one of the people enjoying her vacation onsite. I’m here to give you a knowledge transfer on what you will be doing in the coming months”

“Right now!?”

“Starting this minute.” And the K.T. went on for hours. Neo felt his eyes drooping. He slowly transcended to a state of temporary coma.

The sound of a strange voice in a trance…

Neo… Wake up…

It was getting stronger by the second.




A Banshee?

I second the remark. Quite gladly too.

“ahhhh…” Neo woke up startled. “Awww... sheesh! What the…”

“NEO ARE YOU LISTENING?” said a firm and irritated voice.

“Yeah yeah…” he said sheepishly with a sad face while Smite walked by in and out with a burger in his hand.

“I should have belonged to the pool” he murmured knowing he has more wars to fight and win. This was just the beginning.


* - local slang to address friends


Vivek said...

That animation was from the game wasn't it?

Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

Yeah :D i always wanted to make fun of that fight sequence in the game :D Notice that all three villains give the same pose when getting hit :D