Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Along came Doggy

Well well well… Hello blog! I’m your master and I command thee to rise once again! From your eternal slumber!

You’re neither the sleeping beauty nor am I going to kiss you to wake up. That’s like the last thing I want to do. Look like some moron kissing the screen and talking to a non-responsive webpage. That doesn’t mean I don’t love you. I do, so dearly I do.

Up! Up! Up! Ah… well… what’s the point…

I had recently gone to Chennai to visit my sister and my friend. We went to all the places we could despite the threat of swine flu in some places.

Bit of daredevil-ish, aren’t we?

No. Shut up.

Well, I’ll save this for another day (or never). Anyway, I have recently developed a liking insatiable for dogs especially after I watched Marley and Me. I’ve always wanted one but haven’t had the opportunity due to several constraints. The three of us were walking on the road less crowded with shady trees on both the sides. It was a nice cloudy day with signs of rain leaving us with a hope that it might. I wished the road wouldn’t end. And the company too. It was just the three of us having a nice chat and catching up when we had an unexpected guest joining us.

No prizes for obvious guesses… I told you, I’m not a moron.

Ignore my evil twin. He tends to do that from time to time.

It was a dog. From the street. He was a white dog and had brown, innocent eyes as he was just looking at us. We gave him a straight look like how we would when react when we speak to a person for like a half an hour and then he asks us his name and we say Clark Kent. Thankfully a dog is devoid of such emotions and so we continued our trod. Along he came to our surprise. We had nothing to give (like always) and he didn’t seem to care. He seemed to enjoy the company though we spoke a different language. He didn’t care. We tried dodging him just to check if he was following us. He followed us. We had doubts about his loyalty. He didn’t care. He then suddenly took the lead. Now it was like we were following him. He didn’t care. So, we would play by suddenly taking a deviation from the normal road. He’d just turn around, look and then would come to the road we were in and then keep following us. Then we’d just stand still if he took the lead. He’d just turn around patiently and walk back to us. We made him wait. He didn’t care. Then we tried one final experiment to see whom he was following. So, I asked my sister to walk in the opposite direction while my friend and I walked in one. He followed us. Then I asked my friend to walk in the opposite direction and I kept walking. He followed me. I was ashamed I doubted his loyalty. He didn’t seem to care. So, we walked till we reached the main road and along he walked. I was elated that the dog liked me. I’m a dog person and the dog knew it!

Wait wait… it’s not over yet…

Shut up, evil twin!

We almost reached the main road leading to the beach when he saw another dog.

Tell them... tell them it was a female dog… tell them… tell them!

I WOULD if you stopped yellin' in my head!

Ahem… Yes, it was a female dog. He didn’t seem to care.


Oh crap!

Okay! I almost thought he wouldn’t care… till he just sat, left a stinky, poopy mark on the road and left. Now he didn’t care. I stood there looking at him while he walked without a single backward glance.

Damn you… you non-… caring… dog!

Ha ha ha ha! Man! You are pathetic!

Shut up, evil twin! Go back to sleep!

He didn’t seem to care. Nor will he.

You meant me, didn’t you?

Either. Whatever.

We continued our trod, this time around checking out chicks, like proper men.

I still love dogs.