Monday, December 28, 2009

Pet Debt

I am a Jobless guy sitting at home
Talking to myself when I strum, play or roam.
So I figure I'm in need of a pet
One that says 'bow wow'
And one my folks can let.

"Dad!" I called and hugged him
Promptly came the reply
"Do you need Money to go to the gym?"
"No..., But I kinda have a request :)"
"Oh dear God! Don't put my patience to test!"

And then I place my request
For my poor dad to hear.
Told my need for company,
"One that walks on 4 legs- one that's like a dog,
Which I can take for a breezy stroll or a quick jog"

Anyone can guess what came the reply
"No", it was, though well worth a try.
"Dad, I promise I wont be no prat
I'll clean, wipe and vacuum the house
And settle for a pet, even if it was a cat".

A small putty thing, jumping around
Chasing its own tail round, round and round.
"I'll Have fun and frolic, dad!"
"And you'll bring the house down
while your clumsy li'l pet tatters grandma's gown".

Spray, wipe, clean and shine.
I cleaned the house spotless
Worked my lazy bum off.
And I waited for a 'Yes'
though an 'Ok' was good enough.

And one fine morning,
Finally dad gave me that gift.
Something that had four legs
And something that's like a dog.
Something I didn't expect- a spongy doggy doll.

All that's left is, I'm bored
while I still wait for a pet,
One that's got four legs and says 'bow wow'
I still have my spongy foofy doll
And closest to an inch to put my fist through the wall! Ouch!

A last desperate request to my dad to get me a pup.