Sunday, September 10, 2006

Dawn of Darkness

" for He will rise from the sea
creating armies on either shore
to turn man against his brother..."
- The Bible

The night is long; the men have their last meal.
And at dawn, history is going to be made.
There’s a war where soldiers fight till death,
and tomorrow, fate will seal their lives.

The grassy knoll looks so barren now,
And its splendour, none to admire it.
It looks as though, hell’s gates are now open,
to take the men without a second thought.

The price of land surpasses that of life,
There’s no Hero, the guns show no mercy.
The evil eye sneers down upon the men.
The soldiers fear and wear a pallid look.

The cannons set, to claim a thousand lives.
They crave for more, the hunger seldom calms.
The soldiers cry, for they know what lies beyond.
Their good prayers, the last and only hope.

These men are for God to save,
give them strength, the heart to be brave.
This land is not for yours to claim,
There’s blood being spilt and who’s to blame?

The angels cry, question the truth of life.
This one time chance, wasted in ruthless war.
The sound of sorrow, the pound of the dreaded death knell.
This well might be, the last day of their life.
They might not live on to tell the tale.

The war-cry goes, the soldiers let go of
their feelings of hatred, love and pain.
This war is on, they cannot turn back home,
The enemy lines, close to hell than earth.

This land is not for yours to claim,
Diablo waits to maim the men to fame.
This land is not for yours to claim,
The war has gone too far to tame.

The wounded greet death with open arms;
Let their light disappear into the night.
Their visions dim never to see the dawn,
they wake in hell for the sins that they had done.

The ground is smeared with the colour of blood lust
and the sky pours to wash the stain in vain.
Yet the men take faithful steps forward,
towards their end, they know it’s not for them
to make a choice, the time for them to go.

This land is not for yours to claim,
The darkness ravages the souls of the slain.
This land is for the Lord to save,
Let there be light and none to grieve.

They’re just puppets in the mighty hands of God,
He only knows what curse this war might bring.
Oh my Lord! Why this war on earth?
Can you heal the scar that’s left behind?

This land has been mauled to shame,
This realm has been burnt by the evil flame.

The war is won; the soldiers have scourged the land.
They rise to fame but the guilt will still remain.
They never learn, they go to war again,
And God will lose the hope to save mankind.


Raja said...

Really good one.. Nice choice of words.. impressive, overall ... Keep poem-ing :)

- Raja.

Raja said...

suggested titles : Death's call or Dawn of the Evil, Cry of the War

Raji said...

Hi vibu.. that was a real good one man.. you can better enter this contest.. try ur luck.. nyway keep writing..

Anonymous said...

good reading...impressive language! way to go dude!

Wandering Mystique said...

good picturization!

aditya said...

awesoome poetry wilfred owen a lot or is it cos of amolad

Anonymous said...

Its superb..Nice 2 read..The language was awesome.Continue writing(Not only about wars but the other side of life too).

Anonymous said...

Its superb..Nice 2 read..The language was awesome.Continue writing(Not only about wars but the other side of life too).



Majestic work dude!!
What a shitty person George is!
He shitted you here too!

Archana said...

Hey its simply superb...
it really takes me to tat historical world of poems...good work dude..keep writing more poems..:-)

dis is a suggestion of mine....
u can b more creative apart from history...

dreamer said...

dat was awsome...keep going.....

Anonymous said...

hey impressive story i really liked it hi my name is michael blake im a gemni i bleave in the good and the bad i am a hardcore spirital guy i bleave in a lot of things don't me im pysic i can see things that other people cant i here things i have the darkness spirts with me and frther more the angles are giding me along i love what i do thanksyou.