Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Domer the domer- Excerpt from an Election Campaign

Domer the domer, he is back with a bang! At the right time!! And guess what!? He’s making more promises than ever!

Domer the domer

An article in the newspaper read,

GodforbiddenLand: As the time is nearing to elect a new old ruler, In the morning the local citizens were very excited and were in their highest spirits (in both the contexts of consideration) to catch a glimpse of their hero, Domer, riding through the state begging, sorry, demanding, oops, requesting, ha ha yeah right, (Darn I can’t get the word right), well, campaigning for votes so he can assume the mantle once more to rule his blind people. Domer, after reigning for more than a decade now, still has his way of words. The plethora of pleasing words that are like soothing music for the ears would please one. Why wouldn’t it? He is not listening and so is Domer. Here is what Domer had to say or rather promise to his citizens!

“Oh My dearest people!
Just cast your votes for me!
And that’s all I ever ask,
While I give you goods for free!

Bundles of Saris and Bottles of Liquor,
Take them and enjoy your currency notes flicker!
I give you these riches and ask for your help,
Votes are a few of my favorite things!”

The campaign was pompous and exorbitant. With majority of the country’s income being spent on the elections, the timeframe of 5 years is just right to regain money spent and more. Milton wrote Paradise lost when he lost his eyesight and Paradise Regained when he regained it. With money being today’s paradise, the expression is a simile apropos.

The people were exultant and felt blessed to be in the presence of Domer that some of them started crying after seeing Domer their Hero. They cheered, cried, laughed and praised him amidst all their bard songs, Domer made all the promises he could and gave hope for many. No questions, no demands. Just being in the presence of Domer was enough.

“We all welcome Domer
Who’s back with a bang!
And in this time of the hour
In love with his Vote Bank.

Every Literate just a Dumbo
And Domer’s bodyguard a Gung Ho!
So we all vote for Domer
Who’s back with a bang!”

There are always some of them who have prayers irrespective of who the ruling party was. When enquired what their prayers were, they asked for the sanest of things that day to day life demanded. People have seen a lot these days that a there are a lot to demand than to expect.

“Domer the domer
Give us power for this summer.
We all have no more money!
And please promise us no phony.

Please give us education,
And we don’t need reservation
Based on color, caste or creed.
Vote for you to help and feed!”

The question posed for eons together is, Will Domer deliver!? A question asked for years and the question for which, people are still searching answers for!!

On a totally different note, some of the local citizens have been quite angry and have been questioning why Domer had not delivered till now for the previous million times he had been elected. When asked why, let’s just say, they displayed a cascading of emotions.

“He launders money
To treat his ass!
And launders some more
To feed his cats!

He’ll shoot you in the face
And wipe your history off this place.
So we all vote for Domer
To escape his bloody bang!”

Well well, all said and done, what do I say?

“Domer or dumbo
What difference does it make!?
This has been on for ages
And it’s just too much to take!

Still One vote can make a difference,
And I exercise my rights!
I have a hope that I can
Make my country reach new heights!”

An excerpt from News for the Blind.
Courtesy: The Gemini Mind.


Chiju said...

Exercise your rights??? :)

that phrase sounds funny these days! I wonder what would happen if not a single person is interested in voting...

Democracy is government of the people (got to think about it), for the people (Yeah Right!! kidding me???), by the people (hahaha.. by the politicians would be the best fit!)

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Fantastic illustration! This domer is filthy, sick and perverse!

Actually, I'm sorry to have insulted the words filthy, sick and perverse!

Vivek said...

This is simply a case of Dome and Domer.

Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

well said abt democracy :) i guess, none voting will never happen and i'm happy about it. Its time people took some responsibility instead of shying away

ha ha :)

Domer. Comment man ;) Just kidding :D
Thanks for visiting though :D

A wo(a)ndering mind said...

Yep.. I am hoping something useful will come out of all this. Lets see

Vivek said...

This time I'm using my right to cast a NO VOTE!
But the bloody machines are rigged!

Akshay said...

Wonderfully satirical :). I shouldn't be one be to comment on the current topic though, since I did not (read could not) exercise my right to vote this time...was too busy fulfilling my function in society as an underpaid IT labourer!

Anjana R said...

absolutely loved it :)

Anjana R said...

*looks at profile pic* so thats our Vibushan. hello. :)

Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

ha ha :D happens :D

Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

Thanks. and yeah, Hi! :D