Monday, June 01, 2009

For a Few Dollars More

I was sitting in my cabin staring at the monitor like a dead guy’s eyes focused towards the sky waiting for the Gods to relieve him. Thankfully, my only source of wake up calls would be the hunger groan from my gut reminding me occasionally that I needed energy to at least look alive.

After one such call, I had to make my way to the pantry to grab some sort of a source of caffeine. A bottle would suffice. But to the best of my dim memory, caffeine was seldom used raw at a work place. It came in the form of beverages. So I resort to coffee and it came free. But again, I would be inhuman to drink a gallon so I get one bottle equivalent of the energy substance and stay awake for the rest of my days. Anyway, on my way to the pantry, I managed to get a glimpse of the outside world (it’s relatively a small world inside) and found that the weather was something that begged for a jay walk.

With some thoughts lingering, I had my coffee and got back to my seat like just another mundane machine running on routines and timetables giving least importance to the beauty of the human mind comprising of uniqueness in crazy thoughts and fun.

Lessons Learnt:
1. We think about endless possibilities to simulate machines whilst sitting in a dead end cabin of work.
2. We make plans to make machines do anything while we stay crippled in our easy chair drafting them.
3. The thinking process of the mind has shifted from closing of eyes to shutting of the mind.
4. There are other stones left unturned.


Akshay said...

Monday morning blues, eh :)? Anyway, here's something you can add:
5. We have succeeded in getting computers to commit mistakes on our part...the difference is that they are faster and more accurate at it!

karthik3685 said...

You are saying your gut was groaning and that you were waiting for Gods to relieve you ?

Holy crap!! ;)

Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

Duly noted :D

yes ;)

Rakesh Vanamali said...

And look what all of this has made us into?

Vivek said...

You really need training in sleeping with your eyes open.
(What's with you and the machines?)

save trees said...

It is just the beginning. There is plenty of time for you to actually feel what you just wrote :P

Chiju said...

The way it goes... Soon the machines would be fit enough to program us and we could come back as a cycle! They might even term it the recycled revolution!!!

Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

that depends on one's perspective :)

Nothing. I loved machines until Schwarzenegger showed up :D

@Save Tree
so, i'm wondering if my initial reaction is such, whats in store might be hazardous & radio active :)

Well said Chiju :)

buddy said...

coffee is a true saviour

Divya A said...

Looks like we are living in th Matrix... :(

Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

Coffee = God :D

@Divya A
Looks like..?? :O

Anjana R said...

pt 3-scary.
try switching to tea. :P