Sunday, April 12, 2009

Chronicles of a Wayside Hero: Part IV

Chapter 4: The Fall of a Neophyte
Year: Unknown. Day: One day before Many Many days before Previous Day.

Smite had been jobless for quite some time now. Frustrated, he started spamming inbox with his resume and also added in his proposal that he’d be happy to slog equivalent to two or more people so he directly contributed to cost cutting.

His wishes were answered when the Matrix, an equally stupid system decided to hire him. Smite was inducted into the Matrix so he could keep up his word on cost cutting. The Matrix faced problems of hanging often either because it had too many people in it. Hence the Creator would re run some select days seamlessly to shield the glitch while it was being fixed.

Déjà vu.

Having had enough of re running days, now the Creator planned to reduce the population either by replacing two resources with one or just kill them by telling them this story. The latter would be used when Smite failed. Well, Smite had time.


Trinity was a good worker. She had a style and splendor in whatever she did (The legendary slow-mo). Once, she failed to meet a deadline for a delivery because the matrix slow-mo delivered the product slowly a few days later. She was fired as fast as possible.

Neo was in the machine world. Slow-mos were just a dream. While Neo was slowly inching towards his workplace, he wondered about the sudden pandemonium in the industry. His wonderings came to an abrupt end when he found an envelope being handed out to him by a man on his seat. He wore a top class tuxedo unlike Neo, who was in rags like a stone age boo boo man.

‘This is for you, Neo’ said Smite.

Neo read the contents of the letter and was astounded. ‘What IS the meaning of this?’

‘Your work here is done Neo. They’ve forgotten you now. They need new resources’

A Major lay-off in the Machine World, I guess.

‘They can’t do this to me! ‘. The sky becomes dark, overcast and lightning strikes. ‘I AM THE CHOSEN ONE!’

Yeah. So?

‘Yeah… So?’

Ha ha. Killer reply.

‘Just checkin’… Well, what the hell am I supposed to do now?’

‘Register in some God forbidden job site and watch it spam your inbox.’

Neo, the goner.

While smirking, Puss pooped on Neo and took his place near Smite.

The world, ladies and gentlemen!

To be continued…


Vivek said...

You know you could directly write the Chronicles as a book.
Instead of writing chapter by chapter here.
It will sell.

Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

"i really doubt that, Vivek-o-blogger", says Morphguy... :D