Monday, April 27, 2009

Chronicles of a Wayside Hero: Part VI

Chapter 6: The Common Truth
Year: Unknown. Day: Some days before Previous Day (managed to catch up… finally)


‘When will this end?’ asked Neo.

I know you’re frustrated Neo. And so are all the few readers here.

Neo reported to work as per the details given to him. When he was recruited, he had a notion that he was the chosen one. And the recruiters too gave him the idea. After entering, he saw a few thousands of people already in.

‘Aren’t I the chosen one?’ asked Neo.

No answer. Amidst all the commotion, none could hear him. People were just buzzing around and almost walked through him like he did not exist.

‘AREN’T I THE CHOSEN ONE!?!?’ he yelled.

A standstill. Neo thought his power had brought the world to a pause. He felt like a hero. A dunce cap on a shy and naked donkey was the others’ perspective. Neo stood still wondering what to do. Stupid.

Then came MorphGuy out of the crowd.

‘We’ve been waiting for you Neo’

‘Despite this recession?’

‘Yes, we have, Neo’

What a blunt, White Lie.

‘Well, here I am and I also have a paper that contains a brief description of what I’m skilled at!’
‘It’s called a Resume Neo. And no need for that now.’

‘WHY!? I can do some things that other people can’t!’

‘Now you’ll have to do what everybody else does! That’s the beauty of the job Neo!’

‘awww… really!? I can’t do that I guess…’

MorphGuy lead Neo to a door.

‘I can only show you the door Neo. It’s you that has to open it’

‘MorphGuy… ahem…I think you’re showing me the exit door…’ gulp.

‘Indeed Neo.’

Neo had the little sense to revert back and say that he would rather slog like a slave so he wouldn’t lose the opportunity.

‘Very good Neo. So where do I allocate you..?’ MorphGuy keeps thinking when there’s a strong but steady knock on the door.

‘Come In’ said MorphGuy.

It was who Neo least expected to meet.

‘Ahhh… Smite! I’ve been expecting you…’

oh sheesh... Don’t you get sick of over using that dialogue??

‘Smite is also same as you Neo. He’s here for a job’ And MorphGuy introduced Smite and Neo to each other.

Opportunity knocks on the door. Sometimes a knock on the door spoils an opportunity.

‘So, guys if you’re up to it just wait outside and see if you can catch a seat. I’ll catch up with you in sometime…’

Neo and Smite went out into the bay to find a seat. None except one was unoccupied.

MorphGuy didn’t have the slightest idea what he had provoked. A fight for supremacy. A fight for righteousness. A fight for… a seat, to start with.

Neo and Smite ran towards the unoccupied seat. The sweat from exhaustion, from struggling trickled down from their forehead. Just as they reached it, it was slyly pushed and occupied by an employee returning from a restroom break.

Both of them knew that this would be the case daily and that they’d have to fight for it.

The war had begun.

After a miserable day, Neo reached home and hit the sack. Neo was a fool in the free pool.
In his dreams, the sound of a strange voice in a trance.



Continued in a fool in the free pool...


Harini Padmanabhan said...

Really irritated arent you? :)

karthik3685 said...

So recession finally finds its way into the matrix too ? So instead of "There is no spoon", Neo now says "There's no jobs" ?

You (oxy)Moron!! ok, ok Revert that back. ;)

And, dude, why did you have to change your theme ? Black was beautiful!! And haven't you heard of all the energy it conserves ;)

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Phew! from more 'pressing issues' to being rendered a fool in the freepool! Sweat! I'm wondering, if technology has such a critical impact on the creator and the created!

Rakesh Vanamali said...


Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

:D The way I see it, i guess everyone should be :D

I think is best that he doesn't say anything :D And reg. the template, i'm still looking out for one :)

A bad bad situation overall :)Everywhere :D

Anjana R said...

i suggest you print out this story and circulate it among matrix fans who've been victims of downsizing. :)

Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

I wouldn't mind till they curse and try to do me in after reading this "story" :D