Sunday, April 12, 2009

Chronicles of a Wayside Hero: Part III

Chapter 3: The Past unfold, A Story (better) Untold
Year: Unknown. Day: Many Many days before Previous Day.

‘Hmmm…’ Neo got up from his seat after a long days work. He had been staring at the machines all day. ‘Time to go home…’

Yes. It is time.

Puss in Poops followed him like his tail and was proud that he was the chosen pet for the chosen one. His name was because of regular oil leakage due to a broken valve as a result of gluttony for lubricant cocktails.

Bad drunkard machine cat.

What Puss didn’t know was, after Neo was blinded before his final battle with the TronMaster, he adapted a strategy used by Hercules who used a ball of thread to find his way out of the maze after slaying Minotaur. The slight difference here being Puss and his poop trail. Neo was just being grateful.

Neo reached home in his awkward looking machineworld cab…

This name for the cab is better than “_Object_SquareOn4circles”.

…that looked more like a pile of a worthless dump. His house looked the same. He never knew cost cutting would take its toll to such an extent.

‘Curse this recession’ his daily grin had become permanent giving him more of the Mr. Hyde look, though his behavioral patterns hadn’t changed, yet. His bed looked cozy enough to give him the best of dreams.


Trinity... She was fired, Neo.

‘ahhhh!’ he woke up, startled. His daily ahhhhs became more like a friggin’ alarm clock for the drunken Puss. The cat would then wake up and have his share of curses in his meows and off they went for work. The day that had dawned was no different. No expectations. No hope. Just plain poop.

Neo slowly got up and carried out his daily routine. Brushing teeth looked more like a lethargic steam engine starting after a few years. Nevertheless, work called. At least he thought so.
Neo got into his dump and drove for work expecting a peaceful day ahead.

To be continued…


karthik3685 said...

Sir, if you tell us how many parts to this, then we will just read the last part. :) (kidding) Good writing though. All sensational writers in the making.

Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

@ Karthik3685
'Patience, o Earthling!' says Morphguy. 'For the end is near...' ;)