Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Rediscovery of Fire

Mankind has been dependent on electricity since the 18th century when Benjamin Franklin’s research on it unveiled its innumerable applications. Man has been consumed by its power that he let it rule the world. Now, almost nothing can run without electricity. Right, isn’t it? Wrong.

Welcome to Coimbatore, India. My hometown where people are desperately trying to discover an alternative. The reason? Coimbatore is experiencing rampant changes for the worst during recent times. Previously, the city would face a definite power shutdown once every three weeks for a twelve hour period. Now, power shutdown at the rate of more than eight hours a day has become a bit too much to handle. UPS sales have shot up to the sky. Probably 5 years back, owning a UPS was a luxury. After a couple of years, a necessity. Now compulsory.

The city faces this wrath unleashed everyday for a minimum of 8 hours and if need be, more, but never less, thus promoting social devolution to grow exponentially.

I’d like to admit that I’m no Nostradamus nor does it require one to be to predict the return of the Stone Age in this Modern Era. Behold!The Cave man cometh!

The Rediscovery of Fire (Click on the picture for a larger view)


Vivek said...

A very apt observation.
*uckin power shedding.
Its a horror.
It also brings another very important issue to mind.
In the yester-years we traveled at 10km/hr.
Its funny how we still do that now(traffic).
Now THATs the Stone Age!

Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

Yeah da, traffic is another one..abt it Next post on the way . almost done. Actually yester rears were a bit faster I think.. eh?? oh. well..

Chiju said...

hey ppl...

madurai is ntn less... solid 7 hrs plus... anyways.. whole of TN is suffering with this problem now.. as anadha vikatan, a tamil mag reported, the ruling party has campaigned for the opposition free of cost for the next elections...

Jayaprasad said...

Now power cut has become an integral part in "TAMILIAN'S" life.We guys dont have the power to complain on power cuts to the most powerful men.

Vibushan L Narayan said...

^ wish there was a "Super-like" on that comment :P

Anu said...

There is power for 2 hours a day at my home town Narsapur. My mother works like a top in those two hours to get all her electricity related work done and she must never forget to switch on the motor to have water in our first floor house!

Save electricity people :)

Arzvi said...

How long are we going to talk about this sitting in front of computer posting to blogs etc? High time you take the complaints to the streets. We sure need to participate more on social issues..

Vibushan L Narayan said...

ha ha.. similar situation. being woken up at 7 in the morning during vacation just so my mom can finish her electricity chores. I think electricity is dead.

Not long. Because soon there wont be any power to operate the computer. My point in the picture posted.