Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Prescription for Metal

Music has a lot of types. Ranging from light melodious classical music to the heavy, ripping death metal, the divisions are beyond count that I may be unaware of a few types (probably their sound frequency ranges above 30,000 Hz). To start with, a lot of people start out to be pop fans and then graduate to metal. This is because, probably, it takes time for people to cope with the background of Heavy Metal, which, are most of the times dark.

America saw the advent of Heavy Metal during the horror of World War II. It was one of America’s many answers to the holocaust of the period- The disillusionment, the despair and death. Many of the lyrics in Heavy Metal deal with philosophical enquiry questioning truth, life, beliefs, God, etc.

I, being a Heavy Metal fanatic, preach Heavy Metal like a religion. And to my satisfaction, I do have a few converts who evolved to listening to heavy metal though I do not know whether it was due to compulsion or for the music itself. I’d say a liking towards Metal is more acquired than natural. That’s because of the heavily distorted guitars, the powerful singing, the in-song rants and the insane drumming that will make everyone go wild- the fanatics with joy and the non-fanatics with hatred. The traditional term used for the people who go crazy after metal is called “A Headbanger”.

There are a selected few songs that I know of that would please metal and non-metal fans alike. The converts I spoke about, well, let’s just say, they started out listening to these songs before actually entering the world of metal. Here is what the prescription might have looked like…

Instead of writing a prescription I wrote a CD instead. If you’re new to metal I’d recommend you try these. The very rhythm of the guitars and the sheer brilliance in the songs and the majestic drumming would blow you off. Welcome to the world of “Headbanging”.


Vivek said...

There are a few songs I definitely have to add to my list!
I recommend a strong dosage of 25-25-0. (0 coz you wont feel like sleeping then)
In fact I'm an ADDICT!

\m/ Metal Rules \m/

Jayaprasad said...

I liked your flow in the post.Nicely said.No comments on the music though :D

Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

MeTaL rules alright!!

\m/ /0_0\ \m/

These a few of the songs fer a beginner.. there a lot more too.. but i cant write a book "Metal for Dummies" :)

Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

@ Jp.. well, try listenin to these songs.. you can accept that you like a few of these, dont you?? really!?

Rakesh Vanamali said...

My first time here and I'm already floored! Music is a true liberator which helps one connect with the innerself and also remain sane in the face of a rapidly deteriorating world!

That prescription of your echoes many of my favs, but honestly, my all time fav (not pure metal though) is Pink Floyd.... and some of its captivating products that I love more than myself are "Shine on....", "High Hopes", "Us and them", "Good Bye Blue Skies.." and a lot lot more!

Thanks once again for the "prescription"!

Am blog rolling you!



Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

Hey Rakesh! Thanks for the visit! Well, yeah, abt the favs, different perspectives :) like a doctor's prescription differs! :)

These songs are pretty good.. but once you're totally into the world of metal, i dont think you'll leave.. I havent mentioned a lot of the hard core metal songs. Those songs are the true essence of metal :)
Btw, I like Pink Floyd.. my fav being Brick on the Wall