Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Face Palm on a Holiday

Its the 6th of November and its a public holiday here in Melbourne, the occasion being the Melbourne Cup- Australia's major thoroughbred horse race with dressy men and dressier women (Drinking and watching the race, Not riding them). Famously tag-lined as "The race that stops a nation", it is indeed true, because its 2:00 pm and I'm just crawling out of bed. After a hard week at work, I didn't want to leave the comfort of my cosy sponge heaven. So I just lay there with this weird thought in my head.

What is it that Tony Stark has that Bruce Wayne can never have?

One part of my brain is speaking for Tony Stark while the other is speaking for Bruce Wayne.

Tony Stark has shit loads of money.
So does Bruce!

Tony Stark has the Stark empire!
Bruce Wayne has Wayne enterprises. Stalemate. 

Tony Stark has a fancy suit.
Yeah.. like Bruce walks around in his pyjamas.
I meant his Iron Man suit, fool.
Oh right! And what's Batman meant to be? 

Tony Stark has the lovely Pepper Potts!
Bruce Wayne has the sexy Selina Kyle!

Iron Man has Jarvis!
Batman has Robin.

Ok, both looking equally gay now.

Iron Man can fly!
Batman has The Bat! Ha!

Iron Man has the repulsor rays.
Batman has the utility belt!
A moments silence and then.. Yes! I have it!

Tony Stark can have facial hair.
Bruce Wayne can... wait... !? Noooooooo!!

I snapped back and backtracked this weird train of thought and realised its also the time for the annual event Movember when, during the month of November, people grow a Moustache to raise awareness towards prostate cancer and other male cancer initiatives (Wikipedia). So I'm sporting a Mo :)

Nevertheless, Well played Mr. Stan Lee, Well played.
I need to get out more.