Saturday, October 13, 2012

In Faith

Books of the ancients in temples they lie
Callously guarding an old timely lie.
Questions in questions the deeper we pry
Consumed by the answers the harder we try.

Lies of the leper, the mystic, the sage
Unearth the truths of the stories of age.
Question religion for people to see
The grandest of shows is how we came to be.

Hands clasped in prayers while chanting “Amen”
Surrender your mind to the all-powerful men.
They whisper the stories that you want to hear
While deaths in their thousands, not one single tear.

This cosmic dictator with you as His pawn
Like you and your millions, the faithful to spawn.
Like wolves in sheep’s clothing spreading His word
To pounce on the heathen their reasons unheard.

Ground them to dust in the name of the Lord,
God founding Men versus Men founding Gods.
Deities for them, from their sins to be freed
Myths of the bronze age for answers in need.

Clamours of faith, their synergy with steel
Besieged by your kind while refusing to kneel.
Unleash an order by breaking this hell
These shackles contrived by the chains of this spell.
Free from the cries for this All-seeing eye
By spreading your wings and reach for sky.

A humble response to the unnecessary pogrom ravaging today's society. Violence perpetrated by men of faith who have pledged their lives to their dogmatic brethren without so much a clue as to what humanitarianism is all about.