Saturday, May 15, 2010

Why Whine Wine

1. Starts with one generation. Ends with another.
2. Too much of it in a day might knock you off.
3. Too much of it for a period of time will cause brain degeneration.
4. Is not sweet.
5. Kept to rot and that’s how others enjoy it.
6. Goes well with food.
7. After enough attraction sometimes it is all one can talk about.
8. The more the age, the more the value.
9. Stands the test of time.
10. Some lonely people consider it an indispensible companion.

Oh yeah... there is one subtle difference though.

Wine is heaven. A Television serial isn't.

Much as i'm against serials, i'm not against all of them. There are a few good stuff. Frankly, the majority is for nincompoops.