Thursday, May 13, 2010


A nightmarish blood-lusting ghost,
Killing everyone, the path that he goes.
Die at the hands of the wraith
Victimize us for his religious faith.

Her majesty’s palace in burns.
Crying fire sparks while hammered to yearn.
Spilling the blood of your creed.
What good is it when there’s no profit or need.

This hate crime we can’t comprehend.
Hardened but helpless we fight to the end.
We fall to the ground as we cry.
You pride at our misery while watching us die.

The hands of fate- risen again,
Claiming its heads through the blood-hungry men.
It’s all just one big overt kill,
A bloodied masterpiece incomplete still.

Justice, it strikes slow and hard.
But what of the remains that’s broken and scarred?
What of our loved ones again?
What of our loved ones again?
Will we see them again?

I know it is not November yet. But I wrote this sometime back and thought I might as well post it now that the verdict has been passed.

Image Courtesy : Google Images