Monday, October 26, 2009

5.5 Hours and a Superhero Born

Hi blog!

Haaii bloog…
Blog? Hello?

YIKES!! … Phew! You again! You… evil… twit! Sorry… twin! (Gulp…)
No worries, I aint gonna hurt you…
Wow! Really!?
Not in front of them, that is…
Oh, well… I guess I’ll keep a tombstone ready then…
You guessed it; I have it all set…
Awww… How nice of you! Hope it atleast says R.I.P, if not to mean it..?
You wish! I made it say, “good twin- Died in sleep. Evil twin- haunting house”
Well, atleast let me finish my story, can I?
Is it like a last prayer kind of thing, twit?
Hey! You called me twit!
I can call you whatever I want to…
Ok bro! Just checking…
So, what’s your story then?
You did see the title, didn’t you?
It says superhero!? Oh my god! Please don’t tell me that lame story you told about some wayside hero… oh please! I beg you! Puhleeezz… I can get killed you know!
Oh! Ha ha ha! Looks like the tombstone is gonna read “Good twin: narrating stories. Evil twin: died of listening”
Damn it… backfire…
“What was that!?” (in chorus)
Blog..? blog!! You’re alive! Yay!
Blog: You woke me up, you IDIOTS!!
You mean, brought you back from dead?
Blog: Now, you, evil twin, “SHUT UP” and “you, moron, go ahead with your ramble”
As you wish, blog-o-mighty, as you wish!

Once upon a time…

Cut the crap…
Alright! If YOU could just shut up

I have this habit of taking impulsive decisions that sometimes just comes back to bite my ass. Anyway, I had an exam that should be written so I qualify for my future plans and the examination body conducts it in our hometown for OUR CONVENIENCE. I seem to have missed that part, conveniently. I chose a date that did not have my hometown in the places list and I chose a place that can’t even be remotely called one. But having subject to taking up responsibility for my decisions, I decided to see it through. And I’m happy to say, the only pleasant part of this trip was my exam (I hope).

I landed in the place called Mad-urai, which by the way, I had no difficulty finding out not because of any landmarks but because of a smell that is nonexistent in any other part of the world.

Thanks... I think this is the only part where we have a single perspective

I got into an auto and headed to my hotel. And thankfully, it was a good place to stay. But good things aren’t for long. Before I knew it, I was out in the scorching heat in search of the holy place so I can get my exam over with. But then I made a mistake. I caught an auto. And my oh my! I was taken for a ride both tariff wise and the drive itself. The driver drove head on towards a bus approaching at a considerable speed, like Superman and Darkseid in a final battle clashing it out. I was like a helpless fly sitting on superman’s neck not knowing what was going to happen but definite that I was screwed.

I thought you were the superhero!?
Wait evil twin... patience…

Thankfully, the driver made a last minute turn and the bus just whisked by. This is how a couple of days in Mad-urai went. Atleast I was a happy man in my hotel room. After 2 days, I went to the bus stop to board the bus at around 230 with the sun literally sitting on my head. Anyways, I was happy. I was heading home.

WHERE is superman!!?
Patience… you..!
I meant, you mighty listener...

And I got into the bus. Like it was reserved for me, I could see one seat empty and I occupied it as fast I could though there was no competition. Now I know why. With every brake, stop, jump and acceleration, I felt like I was going to vomit my own organs. Then came the greatest of evils. It started when the bus started. The bus had a couple of TVs inside and I was expecting some entertainment. All they could play was songs in movies in which a famous Tamil political had acted. 5.5 hours non stop. I could feel that my brain got sedated. I felt like a POW in a Nazi camp. But then the positive side was if I could endure this, I could, from now on say,”what else? Bring it on”.

Like how Spidey got his superpowers from a spider exposed to radioactive crap, I got mine from a prolonged exposure to yester-age songs. The power of endurance.

What about your readers then?
Well… you got me…

And so was the story told to the people the moron knew and like rats hypnotized by the pied piper of Hamlin, the listeners jumped into the sea.

You mean they followed you?
Nope… jumped half way through...

Blog? You awake? Blog..?
I think its dead..


Chiju said...

I hope u had fun in the best city in the world... :)
I'll come to the funeral dude.. Have to sneak out few posts before the blog is buried.. :P

Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

@ Chiju
Please do..
I cant imagine how you spent 7 months there

Akshay said...

Careful what you say about the place...its denizens are known to take offense at the slightest slight :).

Vivek said...


Don let some people hear you say that!
btw how did the test go?
Hope the environment din spoil it. :D

Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

denizens or the natives too?? :D

test was good i think. Too soon to say :) The environment, well, i have no clue because i was enduring things all along :D

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Rofl!!!! Thats some pun packed in here!

But honestly, are u killing this space?

Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

I would never think of doing that :D
but evil twin says the blog might self destruct if i keep writing like this

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Phew - so long as you don't kill the blog, thats fine!

Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

As long as the blog doesnt kill its readers - phew! its fine :D

Harini Padmanabhan said...

Sigh, Madurai aint so bad. It is in its own way a nice place for those who know their way around.

Swati said...

c'mon now...don't tell me you weren't thoroughly entertained by watching Rajini's defying logic and gravity And c'mon..our li'l own fatty cappy romancing women half his age. And thunder thighs TR dancing away to glory =)) you oughta 've laughed your lungs out.

PS: psst, the guy next to me is from madurai. Isn't very happy about you :P

Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

I guess beauty IS indeed in the eyes of the beholder :D

About the next guy, thanks for reading my blog ;)
btw, it wasnt Rajini or TR.. i'd really have thoroughly enjoyed it :) its from an older time :) not letting out the name tho..