Monday, November 10, 2008

A Simple Loop in the Long Chain

Well, Today I got a comment from one of my fellow bloggers in this Blogosphere- Rakesh Vanamali, saying I’ve been tagged. I didn’t know what nuts it meant! But I was, for one thing, sure that he wasn’t a guy who fools around. As usual, I went to his blog to find out that he had been just as clueless when he was tagged, as I am now. After reading his post, I kind of figured what I was supposed to do.

Here’s the rub. I’m required to answer two questions each from my past, present and future. And the questions are posed by the tagger (if that’s what you call them) himself.

Flashback Reel:-

My oldest Memories

My oldest memory, proper, would effectively require a hypnotist, though I’ll try my best. It would definitely be my childhood days when the needs were just as much as what our status was. A very simple life. The little games after school that my sister and I used to play. The little fights we had and the patch work after that. The small but lovely house that I would still call as a cozy home. The thrashings from dad and mom that I laugh at now when I think of my mischief. The love for He-Man! Sneaking off without anyone’s notice to salvage a bottle of Pepsi with my brother and then getting caught because of spilling Pepsi on my shirt in a failed attempt to play champagne with it. The golden days, I wish, would come back though in reality though I know they won’t, which leaves me with nostalgia for a company. Those really were the days and I’d trade anything I have now to relive them.

What was I doing 10 years ago…

Well, that would take me to the year 1998. I was in 6th standard. That was the first time a new scheme was introduced at school. The highest performers of the class in all the examinations throughout the year would be exempted to write the annual examinations and would directly be promoted to the next class. Two members from our class were selected. One was a girl who was the topper. I’m leaving you to guess the other obvious elite.

Now and real:-


I had been tagged and I noticed it just as I was going to write a new post. So, I give it a shot as this is my first time in being tagged. Otherwise it had been a normal mundane day. Watching the movie “To kill a Mockingbird” was the most interesting part.

Future's Dreams:-


Ditto as today. Guitar classes, a new movie (trying to cover the whole imdb top 250), hogging and continue to wait for my appointment order.

What do you see yourself doing 14 years from now?

Hopefully a professional in the IT industry by day and a Guitarist (rockstar??) by evening and then pinch myself and wake up to know that 14 years is quite a long time to be speculated upon now. Nevertheless, I dream of making it big in the music industry someday.

If I build a Time Capsule what would it contain…

In the rarest of rare events that I finish building one, it’d contain my music, movies collection along with my guitar stuff (that includes my guitar obviously), my blog archive, my photographs and the blueprint of my time capsule. Phew, I hope the capsule is more like Noah’s ark.


I guess it’s time to tag.

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Rakesh Vanamali said...


Thanks much for the instant response!

Enjoyed reading your response!

Particularly the "the other obvious elite" part ;)

Hope you make it very big in the music scene..... IT sucks trust me! And besides, nothing like doing what you love for a profession!

I'll then have the bragging rights to tell friends n folks "hey, that guy is someone I know" ;)

Cheers pal!

Thanks once again!


Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

And thank you very much for the instant comment!!
He he he :P Well, i was an elite alright.. but life has so much to offer that these kinds of things re the only way to keep memories alive..

Well, reg the Music industry, well.. i do hope too. and IT is just for my earnings and food and probably pay for my shelter :D

Akshay said...

A sincere advice from a if(you continue with your present goal){ would-be-fellow-IT-professional }...stay away from the IT industry!! There are various other effective mechanisms for slow torture, if you have a streak of self-destruction in you. There was a time when I couldn't stay away from my comp...I never thought I'd see the day when I couldn't stand the sight of one :).

What did you tag me for? My blog sucks...

Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

@ Akshay
Well, now i have no alternative :) So i got to step into the dirt of the IT Industry :)
Whether I pursue my passions, only time will tell :)

Yeah, I tagged you because of the long gap in you posting :) some recent post may do good. I thought this was the chance :D

Vivek said...

But I gotta pass on tha tag part just yet. (Blog not TAG worthy)