Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Best for the Patient

Well, people have a notion and a firm belief that the best comes for those who wait. And thats how the world has been revolving- right around the belief. Parents ask their children to wait so God gives them the best. At a work place, the superiors ask a subordinate to wait so he gets the best and sages preach that patience and waiting will definitely give you the best. Hmmm...I say different.

I'm claiming, it’s like a circle. I'd say, people believe in waiting for the best without actually realizing the underlying logic (at least according to me). It’s just that people wait indefinitely for their "best" and after a while get tired of waiting and accept what comes their way saying "it's probably for their best" and then confirm that it was indeed, without a look at the other perspective or a positive speculation in its outcome thereby avoiding risks. It’s an insecure world. People want to play on safe shores and the saying "The best for those who wait" is just synonymous to "Hope for the Best".


Chiju said...

i believe that life has to go on no matter what... so if such belief keeps one going... it is well and good... as ur topic suggests... patients have to take medicine... :)

Rakesh Vanamali said...

True Vibu. We Indians are a fatalistic lost and tend to endlessley wait for everything that has to happen in life!

What we do no comprehend is that life passes away at the speed on light during this never-ending wait which is frustrating!

Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

Its true ti have belief and hope. But the very belief of waiting is sometimes wrong. In some situations I have realized it the hard way but it has proved good too sometime. Just like the two sides of a coin. I penned down the bad side i guess

@ Rakesh
Yeah. I agree. That IS the case wth some people who believe God will send them opportunities. Its like the story of the boy waiting for a God to save him amidst a flood leaving all the floating logs that come by never realizing that THOSE were the actual opportunities that had to be taken to save himself.

Jayaprasad said...

Wait is a gud thing in life but you cant wait endlessly for a thing.jus seize the opportunity when it comes or els u may lost it 4 ever...... :)

Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

Response same as that to Rakesh :)

Vivek said...

Waiting for the better seems like saying you don't like what you have right now. Its better to take it as it comes and HOPE that its the better-than-otherwise alternative.
BTW Hope is never a bad thing.

Akshay said...

Its funny that I was talking about this very thing a couple of days back with my aunt. We, with our Hindu beliefs of karma and fate, tend to ascribe too much of what happens to us and what we anticipate will happen, to the elements, the cosmos and everything else other than ourselves! As a people, we firmly believe that suffering is essential if we are to be happy later. In the west, typically, happiness is sought after in the present waiting for later. If there is something that you want, get it now...'Kal ho na ho'!

Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

Precisely. Karma is necesssary.. but probably like a guideline for people so they do the right thing fearing what would happen if they do something wrong.. But, somethings need to be sought after.