Monday, April 05, 2010

Whatever They Say...

Its more than just about time I got this out of me. It’s been in me long enough that now it has to come out. Beliefs. What about them? Recently, I’ve been exposed to a lot of these “beliefs” that lacks any proper explanation but for the orthodox sake of it, a deed remains to be undone.

In some cases, Jatakas, by which some people swear by. Some astrologers read the prediction of one’s life from the alignment of the stars at the moment you were born. A rare talent, one must agree. But like any other skill, a lot of its techniques have been tampered with. And I can swear that I saw a book titled, “learn astrology in 30 days”… why? So the astrologer can write a beautiful script of a story and use his clients as characters in them? Every prediction is math. Based on current events and given inputs, there should be a definitive output. And if a result of math fails, it is bad math. Some results of math are based on approximation. And one can frankly say that not all marriages that have been performed after a proper jataka match have been a success and not all marriages that have defied its jataka predictions have been a failure. If this is the result, then the math here is an approximation. Things MIGHT happen, things MIGHT not. And conveniently, most of the cases say, Jatakas don’t apply to love marriages. What the hell is this statement? Did God create a being and place a condition before his future that solely depended on an “if”? If its math, and if it’s a result, it should be universal. If jatakas are truly right, then even for love marriages, the two people meeting and liking each other should have been a “meant to be” and their jatakas matching should have been the result. That when we can say the math has truly worked out.

Karma. Well well. I’m a firm believer of karma. Only sometimes, I got questions. The more good one does, the more good one receives in return. But then, anyone can deduce from what’s happening these days, classic example being our politicians, that the rule of karma is either failing or not immediate. The politicians, they rape anything that comes by, from their motherland to natural fuel to women and still, are men held of high status. And our people promptly say that “he will be punished…. One day… his deeds don’t go unnoticed”. I totally agree. His deeds don’t go unnoticed. They just go unaccounted. I don’t see the great flood coming either. All the while, the honest man’s day goes like he’s being trampled and squished by parade of elephants.

The time of Saturn or Sani. The lamest excuse one can give when things are not going right. Sometimes, people fear to do things when they are under the power of Saturn. According to the ancient beliefs, a particular time of Saturn upon someone is said to cause death. Hence people refrain from driving, flying, anger (sometimes can indirectly contribute to death) etc. What they have forgotten is that they can fall to their death by some water spilt on the bathroom floor or while descending a flight of stairs. But no, Saturn has a particular way of performing his duties. He indulges in skilled performances like traffic accidents and the likes. I got just one thing to say, Live free for a day instead of living a lifetime in fear.

The final call being, all three types mentioned above are interrelated. Out of the tree, anything can be used when there’s an opportunity to blame or use as an excuse.

With all due respect to a lot of beliefs that are genuine, a lot of them aren’t as they have just evolved from various other beliefs and convention systems. Beliefs can be used as a guide but not to steer people’s lives. Assume nothing. Question everything. Hope is what we strive with. Hope is what we have when we do something. Hope is what we have when we want something to happen. Carpe Diem is the formula of the day or die a sorry loser.

This post is a result of my exposure to things and my beliefs alone. The perspective may be different on the other shore.


Shadow said...

nice one da! funnily i was completely agnostic before, but i've started to believe now da..what you say is true, there is never any certainty, all predictions are chapters in the book of probabilities. of course, like many things before, this science has been constantly misused, abused by the unscrupulous few and now has been reduced to some lame arcane fascination. when people realise this they, will realise that these prediction, karma, saturn are all things you should learn from, not proportion blame to!
as for the politicians, i believe their time will come, rather i hope their time will come! hope, after all, is the reason we live for tomorrow! :)

Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

Hope is solely why the world still exists. And for the agnostic thing, I too was one till sometime back :) Every damn thing is a probability and people dont see it.. instead they use it as their rule book..

V Rakesh said...

I certainly believe in astrology fully well as much as I believe in myself; having had so many instances which have underlined happenings just the way they would come to pass!

However, the challenge lies in finding that someone who would deduce accurately - alas, that is a breed that is fast getting extinct!

Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

i think we have to start a website :D