Tuesday, October 30, 2007


From cradle to the grave

Should I ever be a slave?

I’ve never felt so brave

I just want to break away.

I have waited for too long.

Now I’m going to play my song.

For all what I’ve been through,

I’ve turned a nemesis.

Walking through the fire and haze,

I shall come to end your days.

When you hear the marauder’s call,

See your mighty kingdom fall.

The path that I may choose

Might be a dark and lonely road,

But I will get to you

And you’ll ever wonder how.

I shall set the world ablaze

That will burn your sins away.

Like a halo round the world,

That brightens up the universe.

I have nothing to lose.

I have no one to fear.

I shall have, for what I’ve come,

Make my crusade true for some.

All the evil that you’ve grown;

And the greed that you have shown;

And for all your naked lies,

I’ll claim them before your eyes.

When I feel my deed is done,

I’ll vanish into oblivion.

And when evil strikes again,

I shall make a new return.